Yerba Mate Preparation

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yerba mate codido
Mate Cocido (Coffee Pot Method)

Yerba mate can also be brewed in a coffee pot, or into an airpot. For a six-cup drip coffee maker, simply place one ounce of dry yerba mate in a coffee filter and brew as you would coffee. Do not overfill, as the yerba mate expands rapidly and the filter will overflow.

Traditional Method
This requires a "mate" (natural gourd) and a "bombilla" (filter straw)
yerba mate preparation one 1. Fill the mate gourd to two-thirds full with yerba mate.
yerba mate preparation two 2. Accomodate the yerba mate on one side of the mate gourd, leaving a hollow area on the other side.
yerba mate preparation three 3. Add a little cold water into the hollow area you have created. Add just enough water so as to not moisten the very top of the yerba mate.
mate herbal tea preparation four 4. Leave the mate gourd tilted for a few minutes until the yerba mate has absorbed the water. Now you have time to go brush your teeth if you're doing it in the morning.
mate herbal tea preparation five 5. Cover the mouth of the bombilla with your thumb, and insert the filtered end to the bottom of the mate gourd in the hollow area.
mate herbal tea preparation six 6. Add hot (150*F) water to the hollow area until it reaches just below the top of the yerba mate, and you have your first prepared drink! Sip all the tea from the mate gourd, and add more hot water. Add water, sip, repeat. Got it? The first few drinks are strong; the flavor will weaken as more water is added for each drink. Replace the yerba mate as needed.

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There are many ways to prepare Yerba Mate, such as French Presses and a tea-ball.
Please share your own with us.

"I enjoy your mate everyday, my favorite way to prepare it is : 1 caraffe (litre paul mason wine bottle) plastic straw, 3 coffee scoops of mate, & 1/4 tsp of stevia powder. Do not boil water- just real close to boil, use filtered or distilled water, add water to caraffe -- mate rises to bottle neck -- stir with straw and sip away. The mate eventually settles to the bottom but with careful positioning of the straw you don't get mate leaves -- very good." Paul Carlyon

I love the bombilla, but don't like the small size of the mate. I use my 16 oz mug, put two teaspoons of yerba mate in the bottom, place my bombilla on top and pour hot, not boiling (it ruins the whole texture of the tea) water up to the rim. I refill another 8 - 10 oz using same, leaves. I have this every morning and love it!" Christine S. Enos

"In Argentina they often use a grapefruit or an orange instead of a mate gourd. I make a hole in the top of the grapefruit and remove a little from inside (taking care not to damage the bottom). Then I put the bombilla and yerba and........voila!!!! You can pour hot water as a usual mate, or you can pour cold water (called "terere")." Ileana

"I use a french press, make it strong, chill it and put it in my CamelBakfor long bike rides!" Anthony Azzara

"For each 10 oz. (300 ml) mug, I put a slightly heaped scoop using one of those round scoops that comes with a Bodum coffee maker. Probably translates to about two tablespoons. Then I add cold water to it, about 20% of the intended volume that I wish to brew. I stir this up and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I pour in boiling water. Because it mixes with the cold water already in the brew, it comes down almost instantly to an ideal yerba mate brewing temperature without "burning" the herb and producing bitter flavours. I stir the concoction, then let it steep for at least eight minutes (no less!), stir it once again, and then press down the plunger. Delicious and simple. I drink it straight." Derrick Pohl

"I think I am getting addicted to drinking it with honey, although I will occasionally drink it plain. I like it very strong though, so usually I will drink the first round from the french press, then my wife will add more water and drink the next round." Scott Bushard.

"Although it tastes great without anything, a good variation is to add a little lemon grass." Dan Szewczyk

"I have found that using a Mr. Coffee Ice tea maker works Great for Mate. You can brew up to three quarts at a time. The design of the tea maker lets the tea stay in the brew basket longer, rather than running straight through. Also the brew temperature seems better suited for Mate brewing. We also use a nylon coffee filter basket. It works better than the paper filters. Clean up is easy." Enjoy - Doug & Sylvia Cook, Johnstown, OH

"Fruit juice concoction: Step 1. I boil water and let the yerba steep until it gets a dark color (then I know it's strong) that is 1 cup of water per 1 teaspoon of yerba. Step 2. Strain the yerba and add it to any fruit cocktail to give that extra jolt. My preference is organic cranberry and apple juice." - Maria Diamantis, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"Nope, I don't believe Yerba was made to be brewed at all. I take 2-4 oz. fruit place in 16 oz cup. Add Mango puree of 3-4 oz. Add about 4 oz Yerba. Add 4 oz. ice and whip the dickens into a smoothie and drink straight up. It goes directly to the heart!" - Bob Osenenko, Avon, NJ

"It's great in so many different ways. I've gotten all of my friends hooked on it. I drink chai style, mixing it with clove, cardamom, and orange zest. It's great mixed with berry teas, and served cold with honey. My favorite way to start of a day is with yerba mate, chamomile, brown sugar and rice milk. Mmmmmm.... Try it." - Matthew Harman, Arcata, CA

"I put six heaping tablespoons in a gallon jar, fill it with pure water and leave it outside in the sun all day. When I get home from work I strain the tea into smaller containers and store in the fridge. It's good cold. I've made it much weaker but I like it strong." - Alfred Schock, Boulder, CO

"First, I make an 8oz. cup of hot mate and let it steep until it's nice and strong. Next I add 4 oz. of chai tea (I prefer the Oregon Original Chai) and 2 oz. of vanilla soy milk (Sun Soy is my favorite). Throw in some Ice cubes and you have an awesome blend of some great flavors that will fire you up for a few hours." - Wynn Wilson, Medford, OR

"I boil 5 tablespoons with 5-8 cups of water in a pot on the stove. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring. Take off just before rolling boil begins. Let cool and stir. When around 90% of the floating mate sinks, brew is ready. Pour into secondary container through a fine mesh common household strainer. Enjoy!" - Nicholas Miller

"We put about four heaping tablespoons of mate in a 10 cup drip coffeemaker and brew it just like coffee. Delicious." - Michael Casey, Arcata, CA

"Tastes great with a little peppermint leaf or cinnamon added, and with raw sugar!" - Norm Cooper, Vancouver, WA

It's quite easy to prepare Yerba Mate. I use three tablespoons and put it in the drip coffeemaker to brew. It provides a quick, easy, satisfying pot of yerba mate."- Bob Trinklein, Woonsocket, Rhode Island

"I like it in the morning with a little honey and as it gets warmer I like it with a little lemon." - Scott Bushard, Lansing, MI

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